PUSH Sea Moss is 100% wild-crafted and sourced from Founder Cynthia Gitonga’s mother’s homeland Jamaica. PUSH is a family business run by Cynthia and her older brother Rohan, who lives in Jamaica and dives for sea moss daily. Cynthia has vivid memories of drinking sea moss in traditional porridges while visiting her family in Jamaica. Now as an adult, she has perfected her formula to use PUSH Sea Moss in a myriad of ways including teas, smoothies, coffees, soups, sauces and even skincare. 
PUSH's motto is “Eat it. Drink it. Wear it.”

PUSH Sea Moss functions as a prebiotic for your gut and helps to regulate your digestive tract. With a single teaspoon, your body will receive magnesium, zinc, calcium, vitamins B12 & B2, vitamin C, calcium, iron, iodine, fiber, and more. With sea moss being rich in amino acids and antioxidants it promotes a healthy immune system; and contains omega-3 fatty acids which is connected to lowering the risk of heart disease, blood clots, high cholesterol, and high blood pressure. Adding PUSH Sea Moss to your diet can really change your quality of life both inside and out.

Over the years, Cynthia has experience using sea moss as her natural skincare regimen and began sharing her sea moss skincare gel with friends and fellow models. Cynthia is often approached by both men and women who simply want to achieve Cynthia's radiant glow and those who battle with skin conditions like psoriasis, eczema, and rosacea. PUSH Sea Moss Gel has soothed her clients with severe skin conditions and helped with their confidence as well as been an intrical day to day skincare routine for all skin types and those who are looking for an alternative to chemically modified cosmetic products.

Cynthia connects with her consumers by participating in farmer’s markets from Los Angeles to New York as well as through her online shop, providing step-by-step guidance on the many ways to utilize her product. She receives daily positive feedback on her clients experiences and results by eating, drinking, and wearing PUSH. 
PUSH sea moss gel and sea moss water is only the beginning to how Cynthia and Rohan will continue to utilize natural resources and superfoods from their mother’s homeland.


PUSH SEA MOSS is Black Woman owned. Our luxury Sea Moss brand is growing larger every day, delivering our clients the purest and most authentic Sea Moss all over the United States. If you would like an opportunity to be apart of this premiere luxury sea moss brand email pushthebrandla@gmail.com.

Or donate to the cause. PUSH contributes ten percent of their earnings to Black divers in Jamaica. To learn more email pushthebrandla@gmail.com.

Match gift with PUSH. To learn more email pushthebrandla@gmail.com